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Monday, March 06, 2006

Sandman Vols 1-4

Preludes and Nocturnes
The Doll’s House
Dream Country
Season of Mists

Neil Gaiman and a highly talented group of artists, DC Comics early 1990’s

Now, I once owned a number in this series, but alas they went the way of many ‘negatively charged’ items during those bright & shiny days before my son was born. I of course now regret this – if only because they are so expensive to replace and I have to borrow them from my sister. And then when I do borrow them, I am so polite that I only take the first four – and then of course I read them all quickly and now have to wait a long time before I have a chance to borrow the rest.

Dream takes the centre stage in these stories and is so very cool – all dark and brooding – as he charts the hero’s journey from his imprisonment and the subsequent path through freedom, loss, retribution and eventual forgiveness. He is not alone – the rest of his family ‘The Endless’: Death, Destiny, Despair and Desire do what siblings do best – help or hinder according to their nature. Of course, they all look stunning at the same time. Especially Death – I want to grow up to be her!

They are called graphic novels for a reason – Book 2 ‘The Doll’s House’ has ‘adult themes’ that have haunted me for the last 15 years. The art is amazing, from the traditional cartoon line drawings to the eerie/creepy/spooky/seriously weird-me-out photomontages at the beginning of each story. Definitely not for kids!

Grown up fairy stories – the old fashioned kind where Red Riding Hood gets eaten and the Prince slips on all the blood after stepsisters chop off their heels to fit the glass slipper.

Highly Recommended


Yes and look where throwing all that cool stuff out got ya...
a geeky son, who in few years will receive them for his birthday from his Aunt.

# posted by Blogger Cozalcoatl : 9:58 PM  

mmmm, but if his mother got them for *her* birthday, it is a much better room-cleaning-tool-of-leverage.

# posted by Blogger FuschiaReads : 10:52 AM  

mmmmmm well the mother should come and visit soo we can go to kinokuniya,,and check it out...

# posted by Blogger Cozalcoatl : 10:46 PM  

Can I borrow them please?

# posted by Blogger harry : 12:11 PM  


# posted by Blogger Cozalcoatl : 10:58 AM  

Whaddya mean 'maybe'!
Don't make me invite you round for dinner!

# posted by Blogger harry : 2:45 PM  

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