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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pecked to Death by Ducks

Tim Cahill Vintage 1993 PB 375pp

“During the occupation of Kuwait, Iraqi soldiers often defecated in the finest rooms of the finest houses they could find”

This collection of 42 articles by the esteemed author of such classics as ‘A Wolverine is eating my leg’ and ‘Jaguars ripped my flesh’ originally appeared in such magazines as ‘National Geographic’ ‘Rolling Stone’ and ‘GEO’. An edgier more adventurous Bill Bryson – same humour value.

If I was richer and had some kind of fitness, it would be very cool to work my way through this book – sea kayaking off Southern California, rescuing giant sea clams in Tonga, being laughed at by apes on Mount Karisimbi, discovering the pristine gypsum caves of Lechuguilla – it just goes on and on.

Very funny, very enviable. Inspiring to keep me saving so I can trek that Inca Trail in 2009!

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