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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The New World Order

Ben Jeapes Random House 2004 PB 441pp

“The castle stood alone and aloof at the top of a hill, surrounded by a hostile army.”

There are some days when you visit the library and you feel the best, the very best that you can hope for is a book NOT part of a trilogy.

With a cool front cover and a decidedly dodgy back cover – boys looking as uncomfortable in Cav as only boys uncomfortable with their sexuality can – somedays readers cannot be choosers.

Surprisingly this book was good – not great, not great by any means, but as brain candy goes, enjoyable enough.

Lumpy ol’ Cromwell and stuttering Charles are battling over Britian and in comes an invading force from another dimension. Looking like us – a bit stronger, better hearing etc – they are advanced enough to have zepphilins and machine guns which is enough to conquer the land, but not such a gap in technology there is no chance they will ever lose. They are lead by Dhon Do which is a stupid name but he is quite cool and I had the teeniest crush on him. Which then meant I wanted the invading force to win. It is left open for the sequel, but I am not sure if there is one.

Also fun is saying ‘jeapes’ - Try it – ‘jeeeeapes’ . I have included the picture of him with a cyberman ‘cause I have always held true to the tenet that if you are going to look like a nerd, then look like a nerd with a large silver robot by your side.


Best regards from NY!

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