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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Foundling

Georgette Heyer 10th printing 1974 Pan Books PB 350pp

“When the young gentleman strolling through the park with his gun on his shoulder and an elderly spaniel at his heels cam within sight of the house it occurred to him that the hour must be farther advanced that her had supposed, for the sun had sunk below the great stone pile, and an autumnal mist was already creeping over the ground.”

Mmm, after having seen a thousand books by Miss Heyer and never having read one, I admit my interest was piqued by her novels being a category on the ABC’s Einstein Factor last year. However, I was mindful of the time several years ago when I was burnt badly by reading a Barbara Cartland omnibus. One ‘Duke’ book; kind of cute, two a little twee, and three…..well I remember I had to read some China Meiville to recover.

I think a single novel is a much more civilised way to approach this type of fiction. I admit Miss Heyer is cleverer and considerably more sly than Miss Cartland. Not so saccharine and maybe even alittle ‘unpredictable’. I found the habit of her characters to suddenly break into unintelligible Regency slang a little disconcerting and nobody went to the ‘Pump room’, but as this genre goes, I thought it quite sweet.

Good for train trips or those lazy days when you have enough of a cold not to go to work but are still to be able to justify not doing any housework.


I entered the universe of Ms Heyer a couple of years ago when I found a tattered copy of the delightfully-titled Regency Buck at a book sale. I bought it to do a bit of artist's book intervention on it, but started to read it and got hooked.

I now own about 6 of her vast output, and enjoy them thoroughly. As you say, much better than anything BC does. She does go to the Pump Room in other books. I have a pact with myself now that I'll only read her if I find old copies of her, because they look so loved. I do have a couple of new editions, and the reading experience is not the same.

# posted by Blogger Ampersand Duck : 9:36 PM  

I was disappointed that I could not find a picture of the cover of actual edition I read (although the one I did find is close). I love the combination of an empire line dress and a backcombed beehive!

very cool

(and no bicycle pants!)

# posted by Blogger FuschiaReads : 1:55 PM  

train trips and not-quite-ill-but-idolent is a very important book category!

# posted by Blogger Zoe : 8:35 AM  

aaah train trips. i love public transport - although there is none where i live - and catching a train to sydney puts over 2 hours on the trip vs driving. but I can read *without* the guilt associated with not doing chores.

It's such an extreme price to pay tho' - can we make a blow for full employment and give me - and those like me - a government subsided housekeeper - like in the old movies where there was always a maid - and a gardener - and a chauffer - yes, i want a chauffer!

# posted by Blogger FuschiaReads : 9:50 AM  

Yeah, if I had my 'druthers I'd be travelling by train everywhere so I could read. But we don't have the option in Canberra.

Travelling to and around Sydney on the train was one of the best things about being a single parent, because I could afford the fares. Now I'm a full citizen I can't afford the trains. How dumb is that?!

# posted by Blogger Ampersand Duck : 5:46 PM  

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